About us

The PatER portal – Catalog of Cultural Heritage of Emilia-Romagna combines and integrates the digital resources designed by the Institute for Cultural Heritage to enhance, catalogue, preserve and develop the regional system of museums and cultural heritage sites in the territory. This activity makes them visible and accessible not only to specialists, but to anyone surfing the web.

The portal offers an overview of the historical and cultural memory of the region. A world of relationships combines and connects an infinite variety of cultural heritage artefacts: expressions of art and everyday objects, documentary memories and oral tradition, institutes dedicated to conservation, development and exhibition of themes and places of contemporary life, which have become the key characteristics of modern society in the regione.

Museums, historical theatres, places of contemporary art, design, industrial ceramic production, cultural sites, monuments, industrial and architectural complexes can be explored together with works of art, archaeological finds, cultural traditions, social organizzation and historical artefacts which provide the scientific and material evidence of regional activities and life.

Part of the data on the portal is present in the main national information systems: Musei d’Italia (Italian Museums) and CulturaItalia. The Cultural Heritage Institute is one of the five Italian partners that, with PatER, contributes to Europeana, the European digital library where digitized data from different institutions in 28 member countries of the European Union is collected.

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